About us

DIBOMAR originally founded in 1974, reverting to a Ltd company in 1981. Our offices are located just next to the Piraeus main harbor and too close to the majority of the Greek Shipping market. The main activities of ours are focused on Sales, Support, and Training of AUTRONICA fire detection and control equipment. Our capacity and experienced personnel can offer complete studies for new buildings and retrofits, as well sales of spare parts. Technically wise, we offer 24/7 days support locally or abroad for service, repair, survey, drawings and approvals for existing and new installations.

Our Work

As a reference, we break down just some of the new installations, retrofits and extensions done so far.

F/B Olympic Champion, F/B Hellenic Spirit, CV Ocean Majesty, F/B Sonia, F/B Nissos Mykonos, F/B Nissos Chios, F/B Kriti I, F/B Kriti II, F/B Prevelis, MT Keros Warrior, MT Arionas, MT Grand Lady, MT Skyros, MT Elinis, MY Alexander, MY Paris, MY Ancalia, MY Ithaki, MY Omega, MY Dream